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jueves, 19 de junio de 2008

Flash effect maker portable

Pa' los que gustan de hacer babosadas en flash, este programilla portable es sencillo y potente para animar fotos y por supuesto textos. a continuación el "featshuring" en inglish en el famoso copy-paste:

- Photo album/slideshow
- Percent loader
- Buttons (Click/MouseOver)
- Three effect background layers
- Many different text Templates to choose from
- Many different background Templates to choose from
- Save as Flash animation (SWF)
- Save to EXE Flash Player
- Set to WallPaper
- Set to ScreenSaver
- WYSIWYG interface
- UTF8 Support English, Dutch, French, German, Portuguese,Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and more Interface
- Supports large text content for menu(button) pages, up to 7 page panels.
- Wide selection of background music, supporting direct import of MP3 file.
- HTML Support (e.g. font style, size, and color) for ALL text.
- Search Engine Friendly - Most popular search engines including Google already support indexing of Flash web pages.

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